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Let's identify new orders by wave. Who ordered in 2023 Wave #1?

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These should be folks who wanted to order a Pro in 2022 and they weren't available.
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Reservation made on 5/20/2021. I extended my reservation after Pro was sold out for 2022 and got my invite email on 8/11/22. Placed my F-150 Lightning Pro order at Puente Hills Ford yesterday and confirmed with dealer (phone call and text) that there is no ADM (they were charging $10K previously as stated on first page tracker) but there would be a "negotiable" add on accessories for every cars they sold for a few items (5 years interior protection, alarm, theft protection code, ding defender protective strip) for $2800. Will see!
Sounds like this dealer is going to rip you off. You should get a signed purchase order from them indicating no ADM.
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Reservation on 5/20/2021. I was invited to order wave 2 on 1/20/2022 and chose to extend my reservation to Pro on 1/21/2022 as I didn’t want an XLT. However, I wasn’t invited to order yet. I called Ford yesterday and they told me my extended reservation was changed from Pro to XLT without my knowledge and I wouldn’t be able to order until wave 2 on August 24th when they will allow orders for extended reservations set for XLT models (which I could’ve ordered wave 2 back in January…) Dealer said there is nothing they can do on their end and would have to wait for an order invite when I called them. Sucks, I should’ve just ordered an XLT back in January at this rate haha 😂
When you are invited, can you just set a Pro as your order? Seems like you should be able to
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