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Lessons from 1st Week of Ownership / Tailgate Parties / 500 Mile Road Trip with Trailer

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Having no experience with EVs, I rode my motorcycle 500 miles to buy a 2022 ER Lariat, attached a trailer and drove 500 miles back trailering probably 2500 lbs in the form of a Uhaul motorcycle trailer.

Then threw a tailgate party.

What I learned.

Tailgating Tips. Fire Event Entertainment Heat Plant

  • If you decide to fill the front cooler with beer and lay out all the food including chili in the plugged in crock pot on the tailgate, put away the FOB. Truck is on far right in pic.
The tailgate button is awfully close to the frunk button on the FOB. If pressed, you will dump the chili and food into the bed of the truck. And may do it twice if you didn't know you did it the first time and your wife set everything back up when you lowered the tailgate -- all while you are wondering why the Frunk isn't opening.​

  • Don't let chili and dip sit on your Ford Tough Spray In Liner for three days. It is very stubborn in getting off.
Performance and Max Speed.
  • Max speed is 106, which is kind of slow but I guess faster than anyone needs to be going.
  • At 106, it handles as well as it does at 75 - and is just as smooth. I didn't see if Blue Cruise still works at that speed, but I assume it would since it does at 90 mph.
  • Mileage isn't so bad when "driving aggressively," I think 1.7 mile/kWh for the 20 miles I tested it, but only a few miles at the max of 106 mph.
  • It went from 90 to 106 as easily as 60 to 76. And stayed at 106 as long as my foot was on the accelerator, up and down hills and into (very wide) turns. It is not fun like a Lamborghini or motorcycle, but more comfortable, which for a truck, is awesome.
  • At 106, it never lost torque -- just quit going faster. I assume this is programming and not a limitation on the motors. But since I have no idea how the motors/transmission works, I 'm guessing.
The Road Trip with Trailer Report for the experienced Lightning Owners Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Cloud

  • I think Ford's navigation system accounts for charging time when giving estimated arrival times. Leaving at 1 am for my remaining five hour drive, it told me I'd arrive at noon, to which thought, no way. Turned out that with charging, Ford Nav was was correct.
  • 65 mph vs 75 mph = increased range from 1.2 to 1.3 m/kWh, so maybe 8%? It may have negligible if Ford just rounded 1.25 to 1.2 and 1.26 to 1.3 m/kwh
  • Averaged 1.2 miles/kWh:
    • Temps ranging from 40 to 68 degrees.
    • Cruise set on 75.
    • I did not know enough to screen shot my trip data between stops as temps change.
  • Stopped and recharged every 100 miles. Pretty basic math and range anxiety.
    • 131 kWh battery - 20% (charging to 80%, bc they slow at 80%) = 104 kWh for planning.
    • 1.2 miles/kWh = 128 miles per charge (100% to 130 kWh charge would only go 158 miles, a difference that would not result in less time to destination bc charging slow way down past 80%.
    • 25 mile buffer for Interstate charging stations being about 25 miles apart, and concern that one may not work.
    • I did go until I only had seven miles of range left, but the anxiety of being screwed if the station was out of order wasn't worth it, and made my 100 mile rule.
  • For both acceleration and braking, the trailer was invisible. This truck has torque and the one pedal driving/braking is great.
  • Side sensors, and thus those yellow warning lights on the mirrors and BlueCruise are disabled when trailering, though cruise control and lane centering still works.
  • I wonder if it would do 106 with trailer?
For you new to EV folks, things I didn't know or understand.
  • Regenerative Braking. Have a friend who did not want to use one pedal driving until I convinced him otherwise. Why?
    • One Pedal/Regenerative Braking adds a bunch of miles, especially in city driving.
    • Use the Brake Coach (a setting in the steering wheel menu) until you figure out the regenerative breaking.
  • Charging Lessons Learned.
    • There are apps you have to use for chargers. I now have four apps on my phone for the charging stations.
    • Electrify American and ChargePoint are your preferred Ford Pass partners. In Georgia, ChargePoint is the way to go.
  • Chargers have different kWh capacities.
    • I kind of knew this but didn't give it much thought when I went to my first charger, 20 minutes later, I had added about 2 miles to my range before deciding it was worth going 10 miles to a higher capacity.
    • Since my truck has 130 kWh capacity, More math - 7 kWh wiillll taaakkkke a looonnnng tiiiimmmmme to charge.
  • What Charger and How to Find It.
    • You need a CSS Charger.
    • Ford Pass is fine, especially to see what is available, but if you know your area, use their app.
    • You need at least a 100 kWh charger.
    • Believe the app if it says the charger is broke.
  • Other Charging Lessons:
    • You charge relatively quickly to 80%, then slow down, and slow down even more above 90%.
    • You might get charged $.40/minute if you don't leave when the charger is done - let's say you fall asleep.
    • I decided that if I might run over time (or needed a nap), I would just set the vehicle to charge to 100%. As stated, the charging slows down so much after 90%, you'll have plenty of time.
    • Have something to do other than eating while charging -- I think I gained five lbs -- either running errands, or just run and workout, or go through all the menus and getting to know your vehicle.


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