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Length of mobile charger

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Can someone kindly measure the mobile charging cable from the end of the charger unit to the plug. Thanks
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For me, I have parents and in-laws with their dryer outlets near their garages; hoping to park in their garage, and charge on their dryer outlet using something like this.... :)
The real question is how often you'll be doing this. If you're talking a couple of charging sessions a year, you're probably fine with a heavy duty 14-50 extension cord. However, if you don't already have the extension cord or will use their plugs more often, I'd recommend buying the J-1772 extension cord instead.
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Here's a couple of photos from a Mach E owner that serve as a warning against 14-50 extension cords. He was only using a 12" pigtail to reach his outlet from the spot he considered the best for mounting the EVSE.
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Mind you, this was for the charger he used daily. Even so, it makes me wary of using such an extension cord.
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I ordered a 20' J-1772 extension cord from Lectron a few days ago. It's currently on sale at $188 with free shipping.
You can get another 10% off using discount code CHARGE10. $169 delivered.

It arrived today.
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It's cord up and running for a test
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Much thicker cord than the one that came with my Clipper Creek 24A! Perfect for 80A charging.
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FYI, I ended up ordering an Inteset Extension Cable per the link below since the Lectron was out of stock at the time. I ended up sending it back since it would not work at home with the Chargepoint charger or with the Ford Remote Charger. All it did was just blink orange on the truck charge port. I made sure it was live when I plugged in the extension per the instructions also. Maybe it was just bad. I may try to order a Lectron, but I'm thinking it may end up doing the same thing. Inteset was hard to contact since they did not reply and I did not find a phone number.
My Lectron works fine. I’ve used it with my Clipper Creek and the Ford Mobile Charge Cord.
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