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Length of mobile charger

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Can someone kindly measure the mobile charging cable from the end of the charger unit to the plug. Thanks
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There are two plugs. Twenty feet (12 feet suggested usable) from charger to J1772, not specified to NEMA 14-50P. The pdf at this link may help:

From watching those state of charge videos, the adapters are only a bit more than a foot so not much more from the 20' mentioned above.

This brings up another question for me. It is better to buy an NEMA 14-50 extension cord or a J1772 extension cord?
Extension cords of any type are not recommended, but I have never seen or heard of a j-1772 extension cord..?
I've already found a nema 14-50 cord that should be safe. See:

I have not researched this one like above, but here is a J1772 extension cord:

That's awesome, thank you for posting that. A weapon to fight back against icing.😎👍👍
For me, I have parents and in-laws with their dryer outlets near their garages; hoping to park in their garage, and charge on their dryer outlet using something like this.... :)
Yeah, whereas EV and evse makers will say extension cords not recommended, 1450 extension cords are used with RVs all the time with no issues, and I have used them successfully over the years. I think the caveat is mostly because the manufacturer can't control what people do with extension cords, and sometimes people do some pretty silly things.
Oh, no doubt on that and part of why I've been leaning 1450. Clearly, they are justifiably worried about fire risk, but key is not buying a cheapo cord...need heave gage and well insulated like the one I posted.
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The real question is how often you'll be doing this. If you're talking a couple of charging sessions a year, you're probably fine with a heavy duty 14-50 extension cord. However, if you don't already have the extension cord or will use their plugs more often, I'd recommend buying the J-1772 extension cord instead.
You have a good one you'd recommend? I need it for when I first get my truck too.....
So, can anyone recommend a good J1772 extension cable? I'm going to need it when my truck first arrives, and when staying at my parents or in-laws to get at their dryer plugs. (I'd think this would be a common issue so folks would know?)
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