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Length of mobile charger

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Can someone kindly measure the mobile charging cable from the end of the charger unit to the plug. Thanks
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There are two plugs. Twenty feet (12 feet suggested usable) from charger to J1772, not specified to NEMA 14-50P. The pdf at this link may help:

get at their dryer plugs
Check out the size of that circuit before you plug in a 30A Ford Mobile into it. Either that or use an EVSE that you can dial down to 24A.

If it has a 14-50R and a 40A or 50A breaker, you should be fine. Legacy 30A receptables and the similar to 14-50 looking 14-30R, I wouldn't. Things may get pretty hot even though it may not trip a 30A breaker.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts