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This is pre-order vaporware with scant details at this time. Also, they kind of missed describing how to get 48 Amps out of it (or into it). It must be hard-wired, not a 14-50.

Edit: It looks like there are several versions coming. The rendering probably isn't bi-directional because it has a J1772 instead of CCS.

The most interesting feature to me is the Home-->Vehicle and Vehicle-->Home 2-way feature. If, if, if, it ever appears, and it is designed properly, and if Lightning and this unit play nicely together, this could be the $400 (pre-order) answer to Intelligent Backup Power. I expect the competition to include Vehicle to Home or Vehicle to Grid on an assortment of EVSEs soon. This is the first I have seen besides Ford's.

Lectron 240V 48A Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station With NEMA 14-50 Plug - Compatible With All J1772 Electric Vehicles

Peripheral White Light Output device Gadget
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