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Latest software update - over reporting range (Ford Power-Up)

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Hi Folks,

At the last software update, related to range - my range drastically dropped.
I figured it was just a winter thing so ignored it.

Then yesterday, I applied the 22-PU1009-MIL-DTE update (Received Jan 08) and after a full 100% charge my range went to 515 km!!!

I checked again and now it's reporting 505km.

I'm using the Ford Charger Pro.

Has anyone else seen an over-reporting charge?

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I installed the update last night, starting at 10PM, while the truck was charging. Until last night, my 90% charge limit with get me 148 miles or so. With the cold here in the northeast, that varied 20 miles either way. When I started the truck today the range was 218 miles! I bought the truck a month or so ago and I've never seen anything over 170. After a very hilly journey of roughly 80 miles, my stated range was 113 miles, which given all the hills, I think is pretty good. I'll see how it goes in the next few weeks.
I scheduled to update as it was charging one night. Worked like a charm.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts