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Latest software update - over reporting range (Ford Power-Up)

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Hi Folks,

At the last software update, related to range - my range drastically dropped.
I figured it was just a winter thing so ignored it.

Then yesterday, I applied the 22-PU1009-MIL-DTE update (Received Jan 08) and after a full 100% charge my range went to 515 km!!!

I checked again and now it's reporting 505km.

I'm using the Ford Charger Pro.

Has anyone else seen an over-reporting charge?

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I believe this software was already installed on my 2023, when it was delivered last month. When charging above 80% on L2 charging, it is very Tesla-like in its range estimate. It seems to ignore recent driving history and revert to an EPA rating based number.
The recent update resulted in a miles-to-empty bump of about 20-30miles for us! As silly as it is to obsess abt the GOM I’ll still take it happily haha.

We’ve had the truck for over 5k miles now in costal Maine. We don’t have a garage and the winter has been fairly mild in the low 20s to low 40s and we’ve seen an average range of about 170 to 185miles prior to the Jan 9 update (in the summer we were seeing 240s of course). As I said - with the update now looks to be about 210 mile range with current temps in the mid 20s. still love this truck! 🤷‍♂️

I suspect after driving in these same conditions for a week or so the GOM will go back down to the 180s
Based on my experience, it may go back down if you mostly fast charge, but if you charge with L2 above 80%, it will likely be very close to that value every morning, then you will see it consume GOM miles twice as fast as driven miles until it drops back into line with reality. I think this update makes people feel better about their range after charging, but is very misleading.
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The update keeps failing for me but I am not in any hurry to get this update anyway. Nothing exciting in it for me.
(Really wish they would fix the heated seats button so the lame slider would be optional, but I digress.)
I think maybe what is happening are the algos for the GOM have changed and perhaps all the driving variables have gotten reset so the truck needs to learn everything again. IDK. Giving you some optimistic, warm and fuzzy range estimate because a small minority of karens dont like reality seems stupid to me. In any case, I dont drive more than maybe 50 miles a day so I dont really pay too much attention to it anyway.
This DTE software was already on my truck when I took delivery (11/14 build, 2023). I have driven 2400 miles including driving the truck from AZ to WA and back to OR. It still behaves exactly the way it did when I took delivery.
I picked up the truck with 276 miles on the GOM at 90%. If I L2 charge to 90% today, in weather 30 degrees colder than AZ, the GOM will be within 2 miles of what it was when I took delivery. I don’t think it takes any recent driving into account once the L2 charge goes above about 80% (I need to try 70% as a test.)
I would actually reduce my home charge target to under 80% if it would cause it to retain the recent driving history and give a more accurate estimate.
Never underestimate the amount of influence that a vocal minority can have. :-(
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Some people have reported success with putting a charger on the 12V battery to get it to a high enough state of charge to allow the update to succeed.
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I got back from a road trip yesterday, so my GOM was actually reading pretty accurately (fast charging doesn’t trigger the reset back to EPA range). I decided to set my home charge target below 80% as a test, since 80% is where the GOM seems to go non-linear on AC charging. I was going to set it to 75%, but that is not supported, it jumps from 80% to 70% when lowering the setting. After charging to 70% overnight, the GOM only reads 166 (compared to about 245 at 80%,) so it would appear that keeping the target % below 80% does prevent the reset of recent driving history and give you back a more accurate GOM. Since most days I don’t rack up a lot of miles, I plan to keep it this way and only charge higher when getting ready to leave on a trip.
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