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Latest software update - over reporting range (Ford Power-Up)

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Hi Folks,

At the last software update, related to range - my range drastically dropped.
I figured it was just a winter thing so ignored it.

Then yesterday, I applied the 22-PU1009-MIL-DTE update (Received Jan 08) and after a full 100% charge my range went to 515 km!!!

I checked again and now it's reporting 505km.

I'm using the Ford Charger Pro.

Has anyone else seen an over-reporting charge?

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The recent update resulted in a miles-to-empty bump of about 20-30miles for us! As silly as it is to obsess abt the GOM I’ll still take it happily haha.

We’ve had the truck for over 5k miles now in costal Maine. We don’t have a garage and the winter has been fairly mild in the low 20s to low 40s and we’ve seen an average range of about 170 to 185miles prior to the Jan 9 update (in the summer we were seeing 240s of course). As I said - with the update now looks to be about 210 mile range with current temps in the mid 20s. still love this truck! 🤷‍♂️

I suspect after driving in these same conditions for a week or so the GOM will go back down to the 180s
My GOM jumped from 190ish @ 90% to 275 @ 90% after the update. Since I've been averaging 1.8 mi/kwh since taking delivery in September, I'm just continuing to do the math until (if?) the GOM ever goes back to looking at my actual driving... and switching the display to Calm once in a while to check battery charge %
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@Ford Motor Company I hope you are following my winter driving story. See this entry:

If I'd have paid any attention to that meter and range estimation, I'd have been an ice block on the side of the road. It is much, much better to under report range that what is doing right now. You have to fix this.
Agreed. I HATE the "more accurate" GOM that's actually so far off of reality that it's entirely useless. Before the DTE update it was off, but not so significantly that I couldn't at least get an idea of my actual available range. Now it totally over-states - there's no way I'm EVER going to get 266 miles at 90% charge in Michigan in January with the driving I do. It's more like 180-195 on a full charge (1.4-1.5 mpkw), even with preconditioning. My typical driving consists of highway at 70-75mph with cabin temp set around 68, auto 3, and my seat and steering heat on.

At least give us the option of going back to the old GOM formula, @Ford Motor Company. I shouldn't be penalized because some people didn't know what they were buying. This thing is essentially a computer on wheels, so one little check box in the myriad of controls available shouldn't be too hard to include.
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