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Latest software update - over reporting range (Ford Power-Up)

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Hi Folks,

At the last software update, related to range - my range drastically dropped.
I figured it was just a winter thing so ignored it.

Then yesterday, I applied the 22-PU1009-MIL-DTE update (Received Jan 08) and after a full 100% charge my range went to 515 km!!!

I checked again and now it's reporting 505km.

I'm using the Ford Charger Pro.

Has anyone else seen an over-reporting charge?

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Why not tie range to trip meters. Display percent or kWh number with the gauge. Have this trip/trip 1/ trip 2 calculate mi/kWh * kWh remaining.
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I just don't understand why they can't just give percentage, or even better kWh, instead of the range on the dash display.

Calculate DTE for This Trip, Trip 1, and Trip 2 and display with those screens, or with known trailer.

Displaying a meaningless range value doesn't really do anyone any good.
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