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Lariat SR Lightning for sale - SOLD

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Antimatter blue, bed liner, SR battery. Located in Milwaukee, WI. Has only 1200 mi. on it. Looking to get 82k.

Love the truck, just doesn’t have the range for the trips I make.
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I have a XLT SR and regularly get 250 miles on a full charge. I live in the Palm Springs area in the Fall/Winter so it is warmer here than in other parts of the country so that may be helping with the range. IMO, if long distance is your primary objective, don’t buy an electric vehicle as most ICE trucks/cars have substantially more range

As an aside, my wife has a 2021 F-150 Lariat with an extended 36 gallon tank, so we do not require our Lightning to have substantial range. However, given the gas price situation in California, we almost never take the Lariat ICE out on local trips. The Lightning does all the local work.
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