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Lariat EB Ambient Lighting

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I have a 2022 Lightning Lariat EB truck. From what I read on the Ford website, ambient lighting is standard on this model.

I looked in the online owner's manual for the directions concerning ambient lighting and found a short passage on page 128, which reads:

1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
2. Press Vehicle Settings.
3. Press Ambient Light.
4. Switch Ambient Light on or off.
Drag the slider left or right."

I found that "Ambient Light" is a heading under "Settings" (and not under "Vehicle").

Regardless, I have turned "Ambient Light" on and maximized the brightness by dragging the slider to the far right.

After following these instructions, the ambient light feature does not appear to be working.

I assume ambient lighting would come on when a front door is opened whether the truck is running or not.

Can anyone provide any insight, please? Thank you. Lou C.
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Are you able to change the color of the ambient light? It’s my daughter’s favorite thing about my superduty haha
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