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Koon's to pay 1 mil to customers

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Koons, a name in MD I never trusted :D That also includes VA.
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Koons, a name in MD I never trusted :D That also includes VA.
That's crazy! Glad to see that customers are getting their money back! Something similar happened in Arizona with two Nissan dealerships.

Arizona’s ABC Nissan and Pinnacle Nissan are being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution and penalties after they were found guilty of advertising vehicles at a lower price than they were willing to sell them for.

The Attorney General’s Office pursued the case against the dealerships alleging that they would advertise the vehicles at an attractive price and then force customers to add features that raised the prices of the vehicles. Customers were told they had to buy certain accessories like nitrogen in the tires, an exterior protective coating, door edge guards, door cups, or window tinting, according to a release from the Arizona Attorney General.
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