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Just received my 5K price protection rebate from my Ford dealer!!!!

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Folks, my Ford dealer sent me a price protection check for 5K. When I bought my Lightning Pro, I paid the MSRP which was 5K over my order price. After 9 weeks, I got my 5K check today. So, if you paid above your order price due price hikes and were covered by the price protection plan, you will likely get a check from your dealer couple months after the purchase. I had little confidence that I would see the 5K after purchase but it came along. Don't lose hope:)
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Great! Did you purchase a price protection plan when you ordered the truck? I think Ford raised the price of my XLT about 4k after I ordered it on Sept. 7. I can't recall getting any notice, but I did find an "order update" email with no description - maybe that was it? Is Ford trying to sneak the price increase through? I will bail out on the order if any price increases were made post order. As a business owner when I get a contract, that's that. Rivian tried this move and it cost them dearly.
The 5K increase was only for Pro (base) model hence the protection was only for Pro model. Not for XLT model. As far as I know, you pay the order price that you will see in your Ford Account. Ford sticks with its price that it agreed. You can confirm with your dealer.
Price Protection
My Ford Lariet Lightning has finally been delivered and is at the dealer, but the price does not seem to reflect any Price Protection (I was an original registrant with a deposit back in '21, ordered in '22 but was never delivered and took the option to switch to a '23 order instead of canceling, all within the specified number of days).

How do I know if Im supposed to get the Price Protection? What was the price for a base Lariet back in '21?

You can call the Ford Marketing 1-800 number and confirm. Based on the experience of the few in this forum, it is mailed 2-3 months after delivery. They say they need to verify that customer on the original order received the delivery. If the truck sold to someone else the rebate doesn’t apply.
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