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Just received my 5K price protection rebate from my Ford dealer!!!!

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Folks, my Ford dealer sent me a price protection check for 5K. When I bought my Lightning Pro, I paid the MSRP which was 5K over my order price. After 9 weeks, I got my 5K check today. So, if you paid above your order price due price hikes and were covered by the price protection plan, you will likely get a check from your dealer couple months after the purchase. I had little confidence that I would see the 5K after purchase but it came along. Don't lose hope:)
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Great! Did you purchase a price protection plan when you ordered the truck? I think Ford raised the price of my XLT about 4k after I ordered it on Sept. 7. I can't recall getting any notice, but I did find an "order update" email with no description - maybe that was it? Is Ford trying to sneak the price increase through? I will bail out on the order if any price increases were made post order. As a business owner when I get a contract, that's that. Rivian tried this move and it cost them dearly.
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