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Just got email to order

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Just got the email to order a lariat.
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Just got the email to order a lariat.
Don't delay. These slots are for leftovers and they are going fast.
I got the email at 1:34 and submitted my order at 2:34.

Dealer said last week that only option would be Standard Range Lariat, but the website gave me Extended Range Lariat as a choice...so you bet I chose the ER Lariat!

Just anxiously waiting now for green checkmark to appear next to "Order Accepted by Dealer" on the Order Status!
Let the dealer know you submitted so they can hit the accept button.
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I called the general manager and he said the Ford clicks that button, not the dealer... ?
Nope. I've seen my order show as accepted in real time when the dealer accepted the order.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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