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Just got email to order

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Just got the email to order a lariat.
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Still nothing for me.
Also still nothing for me. Refreshing my account page every chance I get...
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When I called ford they said they did not send all of the emails for ordering today.
Thanks! Does that mean there are more emails to come, maybe tomorrow? Man, if I do get to order it's going to really feel just under the wire. Last truck off the line!
Still nothing for me.
@THEsocalledfan, did you ever get an invitation to order? I didn't :( On the bright side, this does give me more time to decide on a color...
No. I got a call from my dealer yesterday that because I did not want SR, they did not push any invite out to me via Ford. I suspect I'm still going to end up early MY '23. Good news is that I'm #1 on their list at this point for ER.
Been reading posts from folks who were allocated SRs but were able to order ERs once they got their invitation and since I also want an ER, I can't help thinking they took our allocations...
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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