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Just got a production schedule date!!!

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it'll be built the week of the 22nd...
it will sit on a lot for a while...
it will move to a transport lot for a while...
it will probably get loaded onto a railcar...
it will take several days to connect to all the other railcars going to a certain 'destination', such as Atlanta, or other metro railcar yard nearest your dealer...
it will get unloaded and sit for a while...
a transport driver will eventually come and load it up along with other vehicles going to your dealer...
it'll probably be 1/2 day to arrive at your dealer once the transport truck leaves the yard...

a month.

also, CDL transport drivers are in high demand and short supply, kinda like everything else... : /
I volunteer to fly to Detroit and pick mine up from the factory please
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The truth is that the answer depends on many factors so your experience comes down to luck. I was shocked how quickly mine arrived. By the time I saw the state change from built to shipped, it was already at my dealer. I’m in south central PA and mine arrived on the 6th of June by truck, which was weird because the dealer told me to expect it would go by rail to Philadelphia then eventually get trucked the last mile but it apparently took a truck shortcut straight from the factory.
Good luck.
When was your scheduled for production date?
Holy cow! That’s awesome! I’m wondering how quick it will come to the Baltimore, MD region for an 8/15 scheduled for production date
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It really depends on if they are still holding them for post-production testing or if they are shipping them right away.
Yea I get that. Like I said previously, wish picking up at the factory was an option! My wife and I picked up our X7 from the Spartanburg plant and it was so cool to be able to do that.
Also, did you have a spray in liner? I get the sense that will be my delay unfortunately
Got mine on Friday. LOVE IT! Here's my dates:

Build Date: 6/6
Build Complete: 6/10
Shipped email: 7/7
Arrived at Dealer in Dallas: 7/15

I have heard that if you get the spray-on bed from Ford it adds some time after the build complete. I have that option.
Wow so your truck shipped within a month of being built even with the spray-in bed liner? That's great news! Maybe they have things moving along smoother now.
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