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June 3 2021 Reservation, still not turned into order

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I was hoping someone maybe has some good advice for me. I have a reservation from June 3, 2021 that I have yet received an invite for an order. I have contacted my dealer about my order, and they know I am waiting. But still no invite to order a truck.

Anyway if you feel like you have some advice I would glad to hear it. Thanks.
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They know, most will not tell you. One way to force their hand is to fain interest in another vehicle on their lot. As they shift into push gear to get you into the vehicle, have a mental crisis over not knowing where you are on "the list". Tell the salesman you just cannot decide, what if you buy this car and then get your invite tomorrow? "It would really help me if I knew where I was on the list."
I thanked them and left, not buying the vehicle I was pretending to consider. Turnabout is fair play.
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