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June 3 2021 Reservation, still not turned into order

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I was hoping someone maybe has some good advice for me. I have a reservation from June 3, 2021 that I have yet received an invite for an order. I have contacted my dealer about my order, and they know I am waiting. But still no invite to order a truck.

Anyway if you feel like you have some advice I would glad to hear it. Thanks.
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They submitted a list to Ford that has your position within the dealership’s reservations. They know what they submitted.
Yep, Jerm, that is flat out incorrect. Granted sales folks may not know that.... go to sales manager and ask. Same answer and they are not worth your business. Now, if they say they will not disclose, at least that is truthful acknowledging they know.
I am Reservation ID Number: 10821XXX; reservation made 5/19/21 for a Lightning Lariat. I received an invitation to order on 9/7/22. I received a notification that it would be built the week of November 7th, 2022. My dealer says it's about 3 weeks from build to delivery.

My dealer showed me his computerized list of orders with names. They don't know anything more than we do ... Ford notifies them as soon as they notify us.
That is not what he is asking; he is asking when will he covert to an order. While Ford sets the waves, dealer have major influence on order of invites and all had to submit a priority list.

On another note, I am also a 9/7/22 order; no production date for me, yet. You ER or SR Lariat? I have ER Lariat on order.
ER Lariat. I only gave my timeline as an example. The dealers did shuffle the list around "for friends and family" ... they openly admit to doing this. I was higher on the list at one time but then later noticed I had been bumped. Once I got a look at the computerized list, I think my dealer did not feel at liberty to bump me again. I wasn't expecting the invitation to order until next year but the email surprised me in early September. It's all in Fords hands now.
Man, I'd think my build has to be getting scheduled soon with the same build and order date. What day did they notify you were going into production?
I received an email on 10/20/22 that my Lightning would be built the week of November 14th, 2022. Five days later I received another email saying that they had changed the build date to the week of November 7th.

I haven't done the necessary electrical work in my garage yet because I wasn't expecting it to be delivered this year. I'm scrambling now to bring in a 100 amp circuit for the 80 amp charger.
BUT, you will get the tax credit; these are good problems for you.
Actually, the way the credit reads; I won't get it because the vehicle costs more than $80,000. That's the ceiling the way I read it. Super disappointed about that ... I hope that I'm either reading it incorrectly or that the ceiling is raised before I have to file.

I'm sure you'll be getting an invitation to order pretty soon if you ordered the same day I did.
Nope, you are good if you take delivery in 2022. This has be discussed at nauseum in other threads.
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