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I received this email right after picking up my Lightning. Lots of great ways to get to know your truck better. Note: Two livestreams this month on August 4th and 18th.

Get into your F-150 Lightning and really get to know it.View Online
Ford F-150 Lightning pulling a boat out of a stream
Endless possibilities start here
Carlon, say hello to Discover Your Ford, a brand-new set of online tools designed to help you learn your F-150 Lightning inside and out.

Discover Your Ford is the go-to resource for getting to know your vehicle from anywhere and at your own pace. Explore the feature guide and the personalized on-demand video library. Or, set up a live, guided virtual tour and even join a livestream to learn from an expert.
Tap into your F-150 Lightning​
This digital feature guide is designed to give you an in-depth look at your F-150 Lightning and its specific features, right from the palm of your hand.​
Front view of a Ford F-150 Lightning with inset detail of the interior
Images detailing various features of Ford F-150 Lightning
Next-gen know-how
Access the on-demand video library to learn more about your F-150 Lightning, its features and how to get the most out of them through videos personalized with only your vehicle in mind.
Discover Your Ford Livestream title screen
Learn from the pros
Join a livestream to learn about your F-150 Lightning firsthand from an expert. These live sessions are designed to give you greater detail around specific features without ever having to leave home.
View of the dashboard inside a Ford F-150 Lightning
Tour the latest tech
Schedule a one-on-one virtual tour of your vehicle with an expert as your guide. Simply grab your phone and take a seat in your F-150 Lightning to learn what it has to offer, while also receiving personal answers to any questions you might have.
Person pairing their smartphone with their Ford F-150 Lightning
Just add your voice
Wirelessly connect and control your favorite apps with SYNC® 4 Technology with SYNC Applink®.* Just pair your smartphone, and then use voice commands to access and enjoy some of your favorite mobile apps.
Your topic. Our stage.​
Have something specific you want to learn about your F-150 Lightning? Tell us your idea and if the demand is there, we'll create a livestream about it.​
Person with dirt bike stands in front of Ford F-150 Lightning with open front trunk
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