According to BMW's sales chief, "Tesla had a unique selling point for quite some time. That's over."

But is it?

A next-gen Model S is due soon, the Cybertruck is getting closer to being released and a more affordable model is apparently in the works (Model 2?).

It seems to me they can retain some competitive advantage but that is said to be no more.

"This year, BMW aims to sell 200,000 EVs globally, doubling last year's deliveries. While that's still far from Tesla's more than 930,000 sales in 2021 and likely 1 million+ sales in 2022, BMW executives appear confident that Tesla will lose its competitive advantage.

Speaking to US journalists at a press event, BMW Group sales chief Pieter Nota said the company will focus "on a very strong and fast ramp-up of electric vehicles," according to Automotive News."