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My experience with my Lightning is best described as follows:

Is Anyone (like me) Not Having Any Problems with Their Lightning?

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Hopefully not jinxing my so far trouble-free experience

I've had beefs about the cold weather range but my Lightning has been great so far - though if you browse this forum, seems like many Lightnings owners are experiencing major issues

Curious with this Poll to see what's the experience of most owners:
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02/03/2023. I have an ER Lariat in Alaska. My dealer was sure I was the 4th delivered in the state. 2K miles with coldest days of -12F this season. 90% charge cap with preconditioning set to 15 minutes before I leave for the day with no issues. My truck has never been garaged. Preconditioning cannot be more strongly recommended for winter driving. It allows me to get through my ~60 mile daily commute always using less than 30kw. I’d use even less if I wasn’t coldsoaking at work where all their outlets intended for block heaters trip for faults. In days between 30-40F, I’ve been able to use as little ~21kw on my better days.
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