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My experience with my Lightning is best described as follows:

Is Anyone (like me) Not Having Any Problems with Their Lightning?

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Hopefully not jinxing my so far trouble-free experience

I've had beefs about the cold weather range but my Lightning has been great so far - though if you browse this forum, seems like many Lightnings owners are experiencing major issues

Curious with this Poll to see what's the experience of most owners:
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In a purely and very unscientific researching that I’ve done….there seems to be more issues with the Rapid Red (model/version). by scrolling through the FB pages for people with issues there was a large number of Red Lightnings which have had an issue… Mine being one of them

Mine has a module (rear motor something, something) which threw an error, and provided the dreaded, ‘pull over safely‘ message.

She was towed to the dealer, parts ordered, have arrived and am now waiting for the repairs to be complete. ETA early next week 🙁.

glad to see most here have had no issues…
I'm wondering if that's just because red is a more popular color?
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