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My experience with my Lightning is best described as follows:

Is Anyone (like me) Not Having Any Problems with Their Lightning?

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Hopefully not jinxing my so far trouble-free experience

I've had beefs about the cold weather range but my Lightning has been great so far - though if you browse this forum, seems like many Lightnings owners are experiencing major issues

Curious with this Poll to see what's the experience of most owners:
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Fantastic thread! People experiencing problems are really a tiny little minority, probably 1%…and that’s fairly common with any automaker…
This is a great post b/c as a new EV owner and a new Ford owner, I have been reading through this forum and seen so many complaints that I honestly thought long and hard about buying this truck. That said, and fingers crossed, I absolutely love it. I've had little things come up (FCSP gives warnings all night at 80a, turned down to 60a and they all went away), but I realize I'm an early adopter and there's going to be software glitches. If you have that attitude, I would wager you'll love the truck. I sure do. Everything about it is first class IMO. I do have the platinum trim, and I have found every aspect of it to be fantastic. I love the way it drives, I love the interior, the screen is amazing, and all the other features. I charge every few days at home mostly and it's been great.

I did just take it on a road trip and that sorta sucked, but it's not the fault of the truck, it's the network of charging stations IMO. That's for a different post. Overall, I love this thing.
Makes sense but you gotta always be careful in a forum like this; there are a few Tesla fans here and their sole purpose is to cause noise & then some legit people with issues - but….it’s a very small number!
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I’m now up to 40,000 km since June 21st
did Toronto to Orlando in March worked very well - fast charging in US works much better than home.
no problems, enjoying very much.
40000kms!!!!! OMG!
1 - 4 of 89 Posts