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Is anybody charging other vehicles with their Charge Station Pro?

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I have a Charge Station Pro on the way to be installed soon. I have a Tesla Model 3 that I want to charge with my charger, but so far it looks like there's no direct path from the Ford (CCS) to Tesla (J1772). Some quick research has found some suuuuper expensive adapters - Almost more expensive than just getting a second charger installed! I was wondering if anybody is charging non-Fords with their Charge Stations and if so, how?
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Is this not what he wants? But only good to 60amps

If you have the Ford Charge Station Pro, the literature states that it is a compatible J1772 connector, however it is actually a CCS1 connector. So the J1772 adapter to Tesla will not work as it will not fit the CCS1 connector.

It's very odd that ford does not mention the CCS1 connector.
Interesting… I went and looked at mine in the box (it isn’t installed yet because I made the colossal mistake of choosing Sunrun to install it) and sure enough, it CCS1. Sorry for earlier posted ignorance.
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