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Is anybody charging other vehicles with their Charge Station Pro?

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I have a Charge Station Pro on the way to be installed soon. I have a Tesla Model 3 that I want to charge with my charger, but so far it looks like there's no direct path from the Ford (CCS) to Tesla (J1772). Some quick research has found some suuuuper expensive adapters - Almost more expensive than just getting a second charger installed! I was wondering if anybody is charging non-Fords with their Charge Stations and if so, how?
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In a similar boat as JerkyChew... was hoping to charge my Model 3 with the CSP when it was installed.

If there is no workaround currently, and people have opted for Tesla Wall Connector, curious what the adaptor is to connect Tesla Wall Connector to F-150 Lightning (and how long it would take for an Lariat ER). Thanks!
Tesla to J1772 and vice versa adaptors are readily available, should be in you glove box anyway, making the Tesla wall charger a very attractive option; especially for the price. Not to mention that you can now get them in J1772 flavor as well.
Is this not what he wants? But only good to 60amps

For the Lightning, use this one:
I have ford lightning 23 and just had charge station pro installed will this be able to charge the rivian r1s also
This may be an old thread but is anyone actually charging another BEV with their Ford Charge Station Pro? And, if you get rid of your Lightning could it still be used to charge non-Ford products (not necessarily Teslas, they’re fugly) or is it just a brick at that point (many users seem to be experiencing difficulties just getting it paired with the Lightning and Ford My Pass App).
I was a big fan of Von Holzhausen's work even before he went to Tesla. Clean and sexy. If you can walk away from your car and not look back at it in the parking lot every time you leave it you may have bought the wrong car. Yeah, I look back at it every time lol.

As for the charge station question, in theory it should charge anything with a ccs1 port. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be a pretty flaky unit so whether it does or not in reality will be probably be hit and miss.
I cut a slot in the adapter to make it fit but the Tesla still doesn’t charge with his
No, it won't. The adapter is for DC charging, which uses the pins differently than the AC charger you're trying to use it with.
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