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Is anybody charging other vehicles with their Charge Station Pro?

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I have a Charge Station Pro on the way to be installed soon. I have a Tesla Model 3 that I want to charge with my charger, but so far it looks like there's no direct path from the Ford (CCS) to Tesla (J1772). Some quick research has found some suuuuper expensive adapters - Almost more expensive than just getting a second charger installed! I was wondering if anybody is charging non-Fords with their Charge Stations and if so, how?
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Can you tell me why it wouldn't work? There's obviously a lot I don't know about charging standards.
You don't have to go with a Tesla wall connector for your Tesla, you can use a third party home charger with the included Tesla adapter. I have a Chargepoint Flex at my previous house that I haven't set up yet. I bought it because you can configure the amperage based on connection (and unknown to me at the time there are ways to set its amperage via software as well) and my old wiring was, shall we say, "suspect". But if wired correctly it will go all the way to 50 amps, which is a pretty good rate for a home-based charger. Mine is currently set at 30 amps which gives me roughly 11-15 mph in my Lariat ER.
I'm a data nerd. I wanted a third-party charger so I could look at the charging costs, amperage etc and I didn't know at the time that Tesla had finally added most of those details to its mobile app (I bought the charger before I took delivery of the car). The Chargepoint had the highest amperage of a 3rd-party charger and it happened to be only $350 used from Amazon at the time, so it ended up as a no-brainer for me.
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