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Hello everyone. I’ve owned a Tesla Model 3 since 11/18 & have been waiting for a quality electric truck to replace our Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, after which we will no longer have an ICE in our family. I ordered on 5/21/21 and place my order on 2/3/22 for a AntiMatter blue Lariat with extended range battery and tow package. I see a bunch of other folks have their production dates, I hope to get mine soon. (fingers crossed).
looking forward to driving sustainably into the future.
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I know…I checked the Ford site and no production date is listed. When I ordered, it indicated 20-24 weeks for delivery which is the middle to late July. I wonder if I should be worried that I’ve not received a production date????
No worries, there are many folks waiting with you, if you want reassurance contact the dealer you're taking delivery from, ask if your order is all set or if they need anything from you, maybe they will have inside data about your order being in pre-view phase, which is a good indicator that it's about to be assigned a build week.
Putting perspective on the numbers for 2/3 orders, data from another forum.
41 of 88 orders [46.6%] placed from 2/3 to 2/16 have been assigned build weeks.

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Of those, only 7 are potentially in production right now.
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Wow. Interesting data. From what site did you get this information? Thanks so much for sharing. I feel better.
Detailed response by DM.
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