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Interim Vehicle / Budget Buffer

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I was "late" to the Lightning reservation party (09/23/2021) -- originally, I was 50th at my dealership; they've said I've moved up in the list due to some cancellations/etc.

I figure at this point I'm still a year or more out from getting a Lightning, so I've been looking at other options. I was going to get a 2022 Tundra (newly refreshed) but then started seeing all the turbo waste-gate horror stories. I also thought of getting a new Tacoma (I had a 2016 TRD Off-road that I sold this past November)... couldn't bring myself to do that as the costs are up and it hasn't been updated in years.

Yesterday I ended up buying, from my Lightning dealership, a 2022 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 SuperCrew (w/Powerboost). I pick it up Tuesday.

I figure this (a) starts moving me into the "electric" space, (b) bumps my budget much closer to where I'd be in a Lightning, (c) keeps me busy until my Lightning reservation comes up, and (d) gives me an F-150 to use as a trade at that time.

This is my first F-150, I've owned other Ford models way back when, and also my first time with a hybrid of any sort. Fingers crossed that it all works out. I was joking with the sales guy and their ordering manager after hearing they were allocated 33 Lightnings that "Great, now that I've bought this, I should expect an email from Ford saying I can order my Lightning."

Here's the new ride. Really wish it had power folding mirrors, but other than that it's pretty much a loaded XLT.

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I have only had F150s, so I don’t know how to compare the others. I am not going back, and hope you love it. Where are you from?

I've owned different trucks over the years: Dodge Dakota, Ram 1500, Chevy Avalache (2 different ones), Tacoma TRD Off-road. Hopefully the Ford works out.

I'm in Central MA.

As I was at the dealer yesterday it went from sunny, to light snow showers, back to very sunny, and then to crazy white-out snow squalls that lasted 10-15 minutes. It was nuts.
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If I were not able to get the Lightning, I was looking at getting a Power boost as well, had my eye on one at Franklin Ford.!!

Yes, that shear-wind squall was wild last evening !!

BTW, I like to touch base with all Mass buyers, make sure you consider the ER version of the Lightning, it's GVWR meets the class 2B weight requirement for a substantial BEV state credit which is currently $7500 on top of the federal $7500!!!
I saw your post about the MOR-EV credit(s). I bookmarked it for possible use if I ever get a Lightning. Quickly looking at it, it looks like you need to have/maintain the vehicle for 3 years. Did you dig deeper into it?

I wonder if there are any rebates/credits for the Powerboost?
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