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Interim Vehicle / Budget Buffer

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I was "late" to the Lightning reservation party (09/23/2021) -- originally, I was 50th at my dealership; they've said I've moved up in the list due to some cancellations/etc.

I figure at this point I'm still a year or more out from getting a Lightning, so I've been looking at other options. I was going to get a 2022 Tundra (newly refreshed) but then started seeing all the turbo waste-gate horror stories. I also thought of getting a new Tacoma (I had a 2016 TRD Off-road that I sold this past November)... couldn't bring myself to do that as the costs are up and it hasn't been updated in years.

Yesterday I ended up buying, from my Lightning dealership, a 2022 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 SuperCrew (w/Powerboost). I pick it up Tuesday.

I figure this (a) starts moving me into the "electric" space, (b) bumps my budget much closer to where I'd be in a Lightning, (c) keeps me busy until my Lightning reservation comes up, and (d) gives me an F-150 to use as a trade at that time.

This is my first F-150, I've owned other Ford models way back when, and also my first time with a hybrid of any sort. Fingers crossed that it all works out. I was joking with the sales guy and their ordering manager after hearing they were allocated 33 Lightnings that "Great, now that I've bought this, I should expect an email from Ford saying I can order my Lightning."

Here's the new ride. Really wish it had power folding mirrors, but other than that it's pretty much a loaded XLT.

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I always thought that if Ford or Tesla were smart they would offer "Lightning Leases"/"Cybertruck Leases" which would just be a normal F-150 or Model Y leased at 0% APR and a very generous rate that are set to expire only upon delivery of your reserved vehicle. That way you can lock your customers in while you're still trying to get production up to speed and the customers don't have to worry about trying to sell their current vehicles and deal with all the headaches if they are currently leasing or their current vehicle just won't last till the reservation can get fulfilled.
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