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Interesting information from Ford:

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I don't know if this page has been posted yet, but here it is, found some good information for myself, don't know if the dates are still accurate:


What if I did not place my order by March 31, 2022?
Reservation holders that received invitations for initial waves but did not convert to a retail order or did not choose to "Extend My Reservation" by March 31, 2022, have been canceled. These reservations no longer have the ability to convert to an order for the F-150 Lightning.

What do I do if I want an F-150 Lightning but do not have a reservation?
We recommend that you sign up for "Get Updates" located on the F-150 Lightning vehicle homepage to ensure you receive the latest updates and news around the F-150 Lightning. We will communicate when non-reservation holders will have the opportunity to place orders, which will be for later model years.

When will ordering begin for future model years?
We plan on inviting customers to order our next model year this summer, 2022.

I heard that ordering won't open back up until the fall.
Also the above says you must place an order with a dealership. Can I still make a reservation once ordering comes open again this fall on the Ford website?
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