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Improve my place in line?

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Hi all,

I did not make my reservation until November of last year. Consequently I am sure I am way down the line. I checked with the dealer that I registered with and he says I am 275th out of 300 people he has waiting. My question to everyone here is I found a dealer that has no one on their waiting list, should I switch my reservation to that dealer to hopefully get an order quicker?

Thank you for all your thoughts and input, I have really enjoyed reading this forum for the past few months.
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I just did a search the other day and noticed many dealerships in my area have received their first F150 L. 3 of 4 are selling for MSRP, or $2k over only. With that said, may be possible to buy one right now if you go looking at what is available.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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