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Improve my place in line?

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Hi all,

I did not make my reservation until November of last year. Consequently I am sure I am way down the line. I checked with the dealer that I registered with and he says I am 275th out of 300 people he has waiting. My question to everyone here is I found a dealer that has no one on their waiting list, should I switch my reservation to that dealer to hopefully get an order quicker?

Thank you for all your thoughts and input, I have really enjoyed reading this forum for the past few months.
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275 out of 300 vs first in line. Pretty easy decision in my book. Check on ADM from both dealers and if either is adding it that might play into your decision as well.
Sorry, I'm not familiar with the acronym ADM?
Dealer Markup - what they charge above MSRP.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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