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I'm sure this has been covered.... (PRO vs XLT 311A)

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Since I got skipped over on the last batch of orders at the start of the year I've put some more thought into it and kept swaying on either not ordering a Lightning at all, or just ordering the Pro and living with it.

The price difference between the PRO and XLT just doesn't seem to make much sense to me in a value aspect, has there been a detailed break down on the exact differences in the interior between the two?

Or is it $13k for carpet, a leather wrapped wheel, non heated cloth seats, rear defrost and body colored bumpers? I feel the wheel and carpet can be replaced for about $1k, and maybe do a Katzkin swap on the seats for what, $1k-$2k?

Or am I completely off-base here and should seek a therapist? :D
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I was thinking the same. To fully do the Katzkin thing (front & rear with door panels) is probably about 4K.. but still!
Rear defrost is a bit of a hassle...
The Pro has all the techie/geekie stuff I would really want, and I prefer the 12" landscape screen to the 15" portrait one..
The only biggie is the battery range, and I'm betting that all kinds of 3rd party solutions are going to come up for that one now that a Big 3 maker is solidly in the game

Just my $0.02
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