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Iconic silver Lariat ER Blue cruise 92k

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Looking to see what the interest is. 7/25 build week, expected delivery late August. If we can manage to add someone to the registration you can take ownership at time of purchase and get the tax credit.
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Hi, How did this turn out. I live in Northern Virginia and took delivery of an XLT with a sprayed in Bedliner, the 9.6k Pro Power and the Tailgate Step a couple of weeks ago. The truck has modern in every sense of the word, but its still a generally standard truck. My out the door price (tax, tags etc.) was $60k. I've heard all sorts of people tell me I'm driving around in a $80k or more truck. This clearly means there's people who value the vehicle more than I do, so I'm curious what that actual market value is. tbh- the truck is fantastic. we took a roadtrip to Charleston in it. HWY Mileage/Range is challenging, but driving it economically around city streets, I am pretty sure I am getting closer to 260-275 miles out of a full charge.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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