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At the Guangzhou Auto Show the IAT T-Mad was revealed as China's answer to the Cybertruck. I wonder if they'll get it to production before Tesla does with the Cybertruck.

This is the IAT T-Mad and it is, for lack of a better description, China’s answer to the Tesla Cybertruck. While it has only been showcased as a concept, the wild electric truck is expected to reach the production line.

Presented for the first time at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the T-Mad is a gargantuan electric pickup truck with a keen focus on off-roading. It is 5,878 mm (231.4 inches) long, 2,198 mm (86.5 inches) wide, and 2,029 mm (79 inches) tall, complete with a massive 3,622 mm (142.9 inches) wheelbase.

This makes it almost exactly the same length as a Tesla Cybertruck but both wider and taller and with a slightly shorter wheelbase. However, given that Tesla has yet to release the production-spec Cybertruck, its exact dimensions are not yet known.

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