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I messed up.......

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Two years ago I put a deposit down on a 22 Lightening Pro. My idea was to pair it with a industrial saw mill, and make a killing----and have a lot of fun----- in the forest. The 36 inch Norwood sawmill is together, on a trailer with a 10 hp motor.
Everyone on this site, and the dealer, say that a reservation, is kinda a wishy washy thing that they may do. Right now, they don't want to do it, but maybe later. Such crap! If someone on this site can help me force Ford to honor their written promise, I will be a lumberman. If not, make me an offer on a fantastic new sawmill.
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Thank you both. My reservation date was 7/4/2021. Are you saying if I wait long enough, I will get my truck at the agreed upon price? And if I put a power boost pro in my garage now, I could at least use my truck in there?
Thanks for the help!


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Mr. Voltz, from your question, and your handle, I'm going to admit you know a lot more about this than me. Unfortunately I know zip about the power needs. I have a Techtop 10 hp motor, I think out of England. It obviously can be wired in many different configurations. My solar guy is a wizard though, and if you could tell me the power requirements of the Power Wall, he could match it, or at least tell me how else to solve my power needs.
Am I foolish to wait for a Pro? My dealer did find a sligthtly used Lariat for $90K......is that as good as it gets, or should I keep waiting?
I'm really surprised, and disappointed, that the Lightening will not supply the power for my sawmill. Actually I am more disappointed that my $100 and a two year wait was to get on a list......I assumed that my reservation number was a reservation in the ordinary sense of the word. Has anyone tested this in courrt? Are there any lawyers on our forum? If not, has anyone taken this to Small Claims Court?
I understood the chip shortage and such, but what exactely is the problem now?
The correspondence I received in Dec said: "Due to high demand , the current model year is no longer available..." It still has the $39,974 price on it. I assumed I was still on the list for a 23.
It sounds like this work truck is great for warming up a cup of coffee, and I expected more from Ford.
For the forum record, I bet I was the first to have a 23 Ford. That would have been my first car as a teenager. A well used 1923 Model T. The man, Marvin Sweeter, gave it to me if I could get it started.....had to drive it away. Towing not allowed!


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Thanks for that information. These trucks are beautiful, and I think they will be powering sawmills, and even hot pizza delivery someday. I might be a bit early. In my house, my electrician switched out a 50 amp AC breaker for a 35 amp and put in a four ton heat pump. Everyone said I would be going the other way (70amp) for it. Love the heat pump!
If I can find a Lightening at the advertised price, I will certainly try it. I will probably talk to the Small Claims court.
I appreciated that post, but.......I want my truck at the advertised price. I will wait.....but not forever. Does anyone have an idea when they might start production again? And did the reservation roll over to the 23? If it rolled over to the 23, I can be much more patient. I haven't been able to get Ford, or the dealer, to answer that question.
Thanks for the info....much appreciated.
Thank you! Can't say I understand it......but my solar guy will. I am loving the 40 and 80 amp Greenworks tools. I had put up with the electric saws, blowers, hedge trimmers etc for years as they were almost as strong. This current generation is great....probably could knock the neighbor off his fence post with that blower.
Thanks, is that reservation form still available on line? And, does anybody know if we have been rolled over for the 23?
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