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I messed up.......

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Two years ago I put a deposit down on a 22 Lightening Pro. My idea was to pair it with a industrial saw mill, and make a killing----and have a lot of fun----- in the forest. The 36 inch Norwood sawmill is together, on a trailer with a 10 hp motor.
Everyone on this site, and the dealer, say that a reservation, is kinda a wishy washy thing that they may do. Right now, they don't want to do it, but maybe later. Such crap! If someone on this site can help me force Ford to honor their written promise, I will be a lumberman. If not, make me an offer on a fantastic new sawmill.
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Also the $100 reservation certainly didn't keep a place in a first in first out line like one might logically expect, as could be seen by people getting to convert to an order when they had reserved after others still waiting. Basically dealers playing reindeer games with reservations.
this was clearly stated in T&Cs of the reservation - it was never going to be first in, first out…it shocks me people sign up for something without understanding what they are signing up for….! Read people…T&Cs are important.
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