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I bought a Mannequin

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We just picked up our second 2022 ER Lightning Lariat. It was the mannequin at the dealer where we bought our first Lightning. Both trucks arrived on the same transporter in June. The mannequin had 2225 gentle miles on it. The #1 trip odometer had not been reset and showed 2.4 mi/kWh and 2219 miles. The truck was spotless. The truck had a 0325 blend date and a the last 5 digits of the vin are 00902 so its obviously a very early build, early enough that the Destination & Delivery fee was $1695. I paid MSRP but also got the full tax credit and the 2022 price. I saved $16,225 over buying a 2023.
My experience buying a mannequin was great. I read about people waiting for new trucks that have some pretty major deletes, I'm in Maine and would not consider a truck with out the heated steering wheel, guess I've grown soft in my old age;). The mannequins are coming up for sale and there are reputable dealers out there that have taken care of theirs. My advise is search around, look the truck over closely, and buy yourself a complete truck at a good price.
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I'd be interested in buying a demo Lightning Pro but I have yet to find one without 10-20k Markup above MSRP. If a Demo Pro could be Found at MSRP in the US I would buy it.

My favorite so far was a Pro Demo advertised at 45K and then when I actually contacted the dealer the real price was 90K.
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