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I am #120 on the list @ Peoria Ford (AZ) 5/26/21 Reservation

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Last week was the first time I checked with my ford dealership, and even though I have a 5/26/21 reservation I was shocked to find out that I was #120 on the list! And they have only received 10 trucks this year! They said they might get another 10-20 next year? Should I finally expect to see my truck in 10 years? And they seemed ticked off that I was even asking?
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I have said this before, it is so upsetting to see others (I will call them loyal ford customers) that have even received their Lightning already, and they had a (much) later reservation date than mine. I know the dealership can set priority. If the dealer can do that, what I really wonder is can the dealer also downgrade your place in line? I went into the dealership initially because my wife was interested in the Mach-e. I was told that they had one in stock and we could test drive it - and even buy it. So I asked for the afternoon off from work, drove an hour to the dealership only to find out that none of it was true (the car I saw on their website was a pre-order customers car) I had even asked if the car was real and was there on the lot before I went down there (yes & yes) was the answer. I was very pissed to say the least! Right before I walked out is when asked about my reservation place in line for the Lightning #120.
I ordered 9am (MST) May 20th 2021 and just checked at my stealership. Im 40th on the list of ~300 . This stealership is top-ten in the nation for volume so I may get mine next year. If it makes you feel better I think many that have one now paid way over sticker, which for me is not an option, and I have the means... although I didnt get where Im at by being impatient. By the time we get ours I think they should have many of the bugs worked out, and possibly Sync 5 (Android based) infotainment system. Should have been FIFO but Ford likes to complicate things with the outdated dealership model. They will need to get that fixed sooner than later or lose out to companies like Tesla and Rivian.
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