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I am #120 on the list @ Peoria Ford (AZ) 5/26/21 Reservation

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Last week was the first time I checked with my ford dealership, and even though I have a 5/26/21 reservation I was shocked to find out that I was #120 on the list! And they have only received 10 trucks this year! They said they might get another 10-20 next year? Should I finally expect to see my truck in 10 years? And they seemed ticked off that I was even asking?
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I have said this before, it is so upsetting to see others (I will call them loyal ford customers) that have even received their Lightning already, and they had a (much) later reservation date than mine. I know the dealership can set priority. If the dealer can do that, what I really wonder is can the dealer also downgrade your place in line? I went into the dealership initially because my wife was interested in the Mach-e. I was told that they had one in stock and we could test drive it - and even buy it. So I asked for the afternoon off from work, drove an hour to the dealership only to find out that none of it was true (the car I saw on their website was a pre-order customers car) I had even asked if the car was real and was there on the lot before I went down there (yes & yes) was the answer. I was very pissed to say the least! Right before I walked out is when asked about my reservation place in line for the Lightning #120.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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