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I’m out

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I cancelled my reservation (5/20/21) today. I think my reason boils down to two things:

1) the ordering process was not transparent at all and what I thought would have been a FIFO basis turned out to be completely subjective (dealer prioritization) and seemingly unfair with zero communication from both Ford and the dealership.
2) I originally was going to order the Lariat ER and was happy with the value it offered at the ~$80K price. It was going to be expensive but thought it was worth it for one of the first truck EVs. However, the recent price increase plus the elimination of the tax credit opportunity made the Lariat out of reach and me rethinking the overall value of this particular truck. I was so set on that trim level that I couldn’t convince myself of the XLT with ER at that point.

I wish everyone well for those still holding out and I’m really happy for those that are enjoying their new Lightning. It’s been great toparticipate in this community.



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They've sold less than 7,000 Lightnings through the end of August. Even without mannequins and dealer prioritization, Ford wouldn't have been able to fulfill the reservations made on 5/19/21 with MY2022 trucks.
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