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Hurricane Ian

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ER Lariat owner here in Sarasota, FL. Looks like we have at least a Cat 3 heading our way. Sending the wife and my daughters away and I’m going to hunker down.

I have the Ford Pro Charge Station and 4kw inverter from SunRun in boxes in the garage. Installation by Mister Sparky Electric set for Monday.

Assuming the box instructions are sufficient but I would welcome any tips and tricks from owners who have successfully got the power backup system working!
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I’m in Orlando, don’t have the lightning yet, but I feel for you. I hope you stay safe, and don’t NEED to test your pro power back up. But I’m sure it’s nice to have it installed. With Irma, we were out of power for the two most miserable weeks of my life.
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It’s starting to pick up here in orlando, but luckily the power is still on. Set the ac down to 60 degrees in anticipation of a hot night. Really wish I had the pro backup for just this situation. I held off on getting a back up whole house generator because of this tridk. Not sure how many of you have spent 2 weeks in central Florida without ac, but I’ll put that up against any environmental misery a human can endure
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Gave up on intelligent backup and had electricians install inlet and dedicated sub panel to use pro power onboard.

VERY judicious use (fridge, occasional light, WiFi modem etc) is burning about 1.5 miles per hour.
Lost power at 1 pm yesterday, range has dropped from 286 to 230. Going to start pulsing on and off in 4 hour increments to conserve energy but keep fridge at temp.
Glad to hear you made it thru. Did you suffer any damage or flooding?
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