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Hurricane Ian

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ER Lariat owner here in Sarasota, FL. Looks like we have at least a Cat 3 heading our way. Sending the wife and my daughters away and I’m going to hunker down.

I have the Ford Pro Charge Station and 4kw inverter from SunRun in boxes in the garage. Installation by Mister Sparky Electric set for Monday.

Assuming the box instructions are sufficient but I would welcome any tips and tricks from owners who have successfully got the power backup system working!
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Great to see that Ford loaned out Pro Power On-Board equipped F-150 pickups to help with relief efforts!
In the wake of devastation caused by Hurricane Ian in Florida, Ford, Ford Pro, and Ford Fund are working closely with emergency response organizations, nonprofit partners, local Ford dealers and regional team members to deliver support to communities in need.

Ford and Ford Fund have already taken the following actions:
  • Activated emergency response plan, including contacting Ford employees, Ford dealers and those within our network, helping to transport people to Salvation Army pop-up shelters.
  • Ford Fund is donating $1 million to be distributed to the American Red Cross, Team Rubicon, ToolBank USA, World Central Kitchen and local food banks. Each nonprofit specializes in disaster relief efforts and is already on the ground in the area providing meals, shelter and assisting with the clearing of roads for emergency personnel.
  • Deploying and loaning F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid and F-150 Lightning vehicles, plus Transit and E-Transit vehicles for nonprofits to use and power their relief efforts.
  • Existing Ford Credit and Lincoln Automotive Financial Services customers affected by the hurricane may be able to defer up to two payments. For more information, customers can go to FordCredit.com or LincolnAFS.com, or call 800-723-4016.
Here's a couple of articles on how Ford helped out.
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