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How to lower MSRP price - (Maybe)

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So going back trough my order, my total MSRP price was 85,289.00. This included a 5k ADM.
From the MSRP (85,289.00), the dealer ended up removing the 5k ADM which was good and the final price also took into account the 100 dollar reservation deposit and 500 dollar order deposit.

Inital MSRP - 85,289.00
ADM - 5000
Reservation deposit - 100
Order Deposit - 500
Final MSRP = 80,889

Which means if i had given a bigger deposit on my order the Final MSRP could have been lowered.
I am not sure if this help with the Tax Credits though. Just thought I would share.

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Yes, I agree. MSRP is what it cost Ford to build the truck. What I understood from his post, I could be wrong, is that the final finance number would have been lower if instead of the initial $500 order fee he had placed more. Which again, I don't think was an option.
Well, no, Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price is just that; the suggested retail price of the vehicle. It is not what it cost Ford to build the truck.

You are kind of in a futile exercise here. No amount down payment or reservation fee changes the MSRP. You are moving shells around, but at the end of the exercise you still have the same number of shells.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts