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How To Know What Wave I’m In?

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Hello everyone! I’ve been waiting patiently since 5/19/21 for some news on my reservation but the dealer hasn’t provided much of anything. Figured I’d join the club here. Is there a way to determine what wave I’m in? Reservation 10828682 from 5/19/21

There is a Lariat at a dealer dear me with no ADM so I’m tempted to go get it rather than wait but not sure who the tax rebate would go to. Assuming it would still be me. Color isn’t what I would have picked. Rather interesting that dealers have them yet many have been waiting from day 1 with no truck. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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Cars.com is not the dealership. The dealer is the only one that makes that decision, and I can ASSURE that they will... meaning that they WILL be adding additional costs. No dealer in their right mind would be selling a demo, with such high demand, at 'msrp' pricing, when the market says otherwise. Also, it's likely that many dealers will NOT be even entertaining offers on their demos UNTIL the day it is released. Then, they will wait for the highest bidder. I've seen a few dealers who have allowed someone to already 'reserve' their Demo, but that comes also with a HUGE ADM added. One told me that they had a $25k ADM and would only take a NON-REFUNDABLE $10,000.00 deposit to 'hold it' until late this year. My local dealer has their own Lariat Demo and already has an ADM of $20,000 for any takers, for over $100k, which still can't happen even until it's released, sometime in December.
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