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How to extend reservation? Anyone done it?

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After missing the "opportunity" to get a late 2022 MY allocation I've decided to just push my reservation to MY2023 (not like there's a choice at this point).

When the dealer contacted me (see my other thread) they said we'd have to call Ford and extend our reservation before it was auto-cancelled if we didn't want/get one of the new allocations.

I tried calling Ford last week. The Rep asked me about an "Extend my reservation" button on my account page. I told him there was no such button. After almost an hour he gave up and told me I'd have to contact the dealer.

Today I went to the dealer and they are telling me I have to call Ford. Then they texted me and said they asked their Rep, and the Rep told them I'm supposed to click the (non-existent) "Extend my reservation" button in my account.

I told them while I was there about the Ford phone call and the button that's not there. Seems like they are just parroting back what I've told them (not the first time).

Has anyone successfully extended their reservation to the 2023 MY? If so, how'd you do it?

@Ford Motor Company - Any ideas?

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My guess... If you never officially got an invite from Ford to order, there's nothing to extend. You still have your reservation. Was this in regards to the recent calls that went out about chances to order clean up MY22s for very limited trims? If the dealership asked and you turned it down but never actually got an order invite then nothing actually happened within Ford's system. I think they were trying to prescreen before sending out the last batch of invites to avoid this exact scenario. Inviting someone who was never going to get the available trims just to force them to extend.
I extended my reservation to a later model year, during the 'wave 6' invites. As stated above, If you did not receive an invitation via email, to convert your reservation to an order, (from FORD MOTOR COMPANY), your reservation is still on the books, and doesn't need to be extended. Have you logged into your account and checked your reservation status?
Sounds like your dealer isn't very well informed on the Lightning process.
You're both correct. Dealer finally texted me again a few minutes ago and said:

"Confirmed if you have not been invited to order a Lightning yet that the reservation will convert automatically and you will receive an email confirming this within the next month."

I'm assuming this comes from the contact they had today with their Ford Rep.

It would be nice if they (both the Dealer and Ford) were all on the same page and could clearly communicate things to their customers.
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