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How much does it cost to charge the F-150 Lightning?

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How much are you paying to charge your Lightning at home? Well depending on where you live plays a big factor into that. Tom Moloughney did a breakdown of much it costs in certain areas and the results are very interesting.

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LOU and I are on the same page. I changed my GA POWER rate plan to the 'EV CHARGING' plan, which lowers the $/kwh to 1.5cents. I'll be able to FULL CHARGE overnight for about $1.50.

Also, TOM made some good charts and guesstimate to give new EV owners a perspective on the true cost of charging, but some points to consider are your actually $/kwh Utility rate, where you'll be spending most of your charging dollars, and the cost of the DC Fast Chargers that you'll 'normally' use, BUT, I look at DC Fast Charging costs as more 'recreational dollars'. They are generally due to LONG travel, and just like when we travel in our ICE vehicles, we might not get the best 'deal' on gas prices, but we may not have too many options, either. DC Fast Charging is the same way - you really can't control how the pricing works at any given station, and until you have Charge stations on every other corner like we do now with gas stations, you can't really do anything but stop and charge, no matter how much the pricing is.

You're BIGGEST leverage in keeping the price of charging your battery pack down is to manage your cost at your home. Travel is much less controllable.

LOU, maybe we'll run into each other soon, when my truck arrives this week, as I plan on making my first 'test' run, on a 50 mile loop, thru REYNOLDS : ) FLINT ENERGIES is a big deal there!
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