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How Much Can Manual Switching Save?

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Looking for opinions on how much one can save by installing a manual switch for powering the house from the truck vs the automatic switching? My logic is that, if the power goes out during the day, I will know immediately to switch, if it goes out at night, I will know when I get up and then can switch, if it goes out while I am away, I am probably in the truck anyways. Thoughts?
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This makes a ton of sense and I can't believe I didn't think of this before. I think your question just saved me a few thousand dollars because I already have a manual transfer switch I hook up to my gas generator for the intermittent power outages. I don't need it to be automatic and my 6.5kW generator is more than enough to get me through with choices of what I want to run when the power is out. The rear 7.2kW should be enough to do what I want to do with a 240v plug.
There is something you may need to do differently in the wiring of your gas generator hookup but it should be minimal. There's a video on that for someone who used one of these switches with a ProPower hybrid F-150.
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To get that full 9.6kW you'd need multiple cords. The 30 amp 240 gets you 7.4kW and the rest would have to come from the separate 120 outlet/circuit.
That’s my plan for now. $10K is a lot for backup power. I can buy a lot of extension cords for that price.
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